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laurie johnson

Laurie Johnson

Detroit’s POWERHOUSE vocalist, Laurie Johnson, brings her passion for music to the Laurie Johnson Project, "LJP," making it the perfect choice in live entertainment. Her wide range and appeal will blow your guests away. If you are hosting a quiet dinner set, a gala event, wedding reception or a dance party, contact us, we are the perfect fit.

"Laurie is a phenomemal singer" and "they play great music" are the two comments most heard at an LJP show. The seemingly endless music selection includes current Top 40 dance hits of today, hits from Motown, the sixties, seventies disco, 80's as well as R&B and Jazz.

Someone asked Bruce (Southworth, Chicago's premier event promoter ) "How could you have a singer perform Roberta Flack in front of Roberta Flack? He simply said that Ms. Flack after hearing Laurie's performance, turned around, smiled at him, and blew him a kiss" - Oprah Winfrey

When you choose the Laurie Johnson Project, be assured you are in for a top-notch performance. Choose from the popular duo, add a sax or guitar, or hire the full band with Laurie. Her energy and talent are unmatched. Some bands go on break and leave your guests wanting more, but not LJP. DJ Bill, an accomplished mixmaster and disc jockey, will keep the party going with music custom fit for your crowd.